Born to Sell: Qualities of a Successful Sales Representative

If you hope to have any chance of achieving success as a sales representative, there are a few tips of the trade you must follow.


Class, knowledge, and consistency are the basis of any good sales technique and are time-tested qualities of any successful sales rep.

Displaying some of these qualities may help you land sales and advance early on in your career, but if you want to achieve long-term success and continue being a sales rep for any amount of time you will need all of them combined.


Thea2 faster you come to terms with the fact that some people just aren’t interested in purchasing what you are selling the better. This in no way reflects your sales skills. Having class means presenting yourself professionally no matter the situation. It’s the most important quality of any well-rounded and successful sales rep.

Having class is about dressing the part, treating people with respect and the confidence you have within yourself. People are not going to buy from you if you disrespect them or lack confidence. Under no circumstances are you to be rude to a potential target. This will get you nowhere and could hurt not only your reputation but the reputation of the company you work for and the product you are selling as well. If they don’t want to buy anything, be courteous and polite while ending the conversation.

If you are going to be selling in person make sure you are well groomed, smell nice and are wearing appropriate clothing. Speak with clarity and confidence and prospects will come to see that you know what you are doing. This, in turn, will build trust which is absolutely imperative to develop in order for you to sell them any product.


a3When you are selling a product you will need to know everything there is to know about the product, pricing, payment processes and the company you work for. People are not usually going to just buy the product because you ask them to. They are going to ask as many questions as it takes for them to feel comfortable about the sale.

They are going to not only want to know about the quality and features of the product but how long it has been on the market, how long the company has been in business, all of their payment options and what happens after they buy the product. They are going to want you to tell them your genuine opinion and how well it has worked for you personally as well as any difficulties they may encounter.

If you cannot answer each and every question that is thrown at you, you have lost the sale. It shows you don’t care enough about your job to do your due diligence and research on the product you are selling. It is supposed to appear as if you are there to provide the person with a valuable service, and that you care about making their life better, not that you are there to make a quick dollar.


a4Never underestimate the power of consistency in selling. Be consistent in every part of your job as a sales rep. This includes consistency in punctuality, knowledge of the product, presentation and processing. For example, if you are selling diet pills and tell a customer that it will help them lose 20 pounds over the next six weeks when taken as directed, and then you tell another customer that they will lose 40 pounds over the next eight weeks when taken as directed you are not being consistent in your knowledge.

You never know if two customers know each other and if it gets around that you are lying or providing inconsistent information, you could hurt the company and even lose your job. When you tell someone you are going to meet them at a certain time, never be late. If you are inconsistent even once about punctuality it shows that you do not care about the person you are meeting and don’t respect their time. No excuse is going to matter, remember that.

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