How to personalize Customer interactions to increase Loyalty and Profits

Between brick-and-mortar businesses and online stores, consumers have a myriad of options when purchasing goods and services.

With this intense competition for buyer attention, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Success lies in adding client-centered interactions to your global marketing strategies.

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Using an omnichannel approach, you can engage current and potential customers on a one-to-one basis, increasing loyalty and sales.

The Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Customers use multiple information points to select what to purchase and from whom. They check print ads and online prices, read reviews and search for coupon codes before making a purchase decision. Marketing campaigns must adjust to address the entire customer journey, rather than fixed points of the process, to improve brand awareness and develop strong customer relationships.

Omni-channel marketing is more than digital ads and online coupons. It requires that you anticipate your audience’s wants and needs, and stand ready to fulfill them immediately. With the use of robust data analytics, you can also expect their wishes and communicate your ability to meet them. One of your best tools to achieve these benefits is a user-friendly smartphone app or website that allows for instant purchase gratification.

The Omni-Channel Strategy

Omni-channel marketing developed from the glut of social media sites, but it is more sophisticated than Instagram ads and sales tweets. It is the creation of a multi-path purchasing experience personalized to the consumer. A robust omnichannel strategy requires you to:

  • Build customer profiles. Knowledge is power and knowing your individual customers allows you to tailor ads and other communications that are of specific interest and timed to their purchasing habits. You should also listen to what they are saying – allowing you to adjust your content and increase audience engagement.
  • Develop targeted sales and marketing campaigns. From your analytics, you know which social media platforms your customers utilize, their favorite brands or styles, and their purchasing habits. Use this information to create a relationship with your client by communicating via their preferred channels. Engage them with information about new styles or products, send coupons or sales ads during their high-purchase timeframes, and recognize birthdays, work anniversaries, engagements or other important events.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your execution.This process requires real-time assessments of omnichannel interactions and the development of key performance indicators (KPI) that are meaningful to your process. The process should be a dynamic, fluid system that allows you to adjust your communication messages and platforms to respond to changing needs.

A successful omnichannel implementation also requires access to data and the ability to analyze it. Break the silo barriers and consolidate your information into one platform with a dashboard that identifies actionable information.

The Role of Social Media

Utilize the full potential of social media to enhance the personalization experience with your audience. While these platforms are a critical component of your omnichannel marketing plan, they should also be used to engage your audience on another level. Use social media to help customers relate to you on a human level by with information that evokes an emotion.

Move beyond facts to share stories about how the business started or talk about the cat you rescued from behind the dumpster. Whether you elicit laughter or tears, if you make your audience feel, they will connect to your business on a personal level which increases their loyalty.

Additional Personalization. Payment Options

Customers want a personalized shopping experience, and this extends to how they pay. You need information on their payment preferences to satisfy their expectations.

TSYS Merchant Services provides your customers with streamlined online and in-store purchasing options as well as features that enhance your omnichannel campaign. This service allows you to monitor customer reviews on Yelp®, TripAdvisor®, Foursquare®, OpenTable®, Facebook® and Twitter®. You can also evaluate how customer activities on social sites impact your revenues and adjust your marketing efforts to improve this matrix. With these tools, you can hone your personalized marketing efforts and increase customer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Today’s consumers have hundreds of purchasing options, and you need to implement a customer-centric marketing plan to direct those sales to your business. Utilizing social media as an essential component of an omnichannel marketing process provides you with both the information and platforms needed to develop a healthy business-to-customer relationship.

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