3 Killer Strategies for creating Brand Voice while earning a strong ROI

Your brand voice is the messaging used to communicate the values your company holds to consumers.

This could be the typography, the logo, or even the advertising media used on TV or radio. The importance of getting this right cannot be overstated.

Every time potential consumers and current customers interact or observe your brand, they’re forming a judgment in their subconscious. Eventually, this becomes a conscious opinion that directly impacts their buying decision.


Let’s take a closer look at three strategies for creating value and inspiring consumer confidence through your company’s brand voice.

1. Consider the Medium for Communicating Your Brand Voice

While a brand voice may be a singular thing, the presentation of it will depend on the medium used to communicate with consumers. If you’re creating a radio advertisement, the script will need to be curated to match the capabilities of someone driving or sitting in an office to picture using your product or service.

On a website, the content needs to be displayed in a way that’s true to your brand voice but is effective in communicating your sales pitch to a customer that’s reading, instead of listening to the radio or watching TV. David Leonhardt, an accomplished content writer, says that “You have to create a sense of urgency so that they are compelled to buy now.  If readers wait, if you lose the momentum, if their ‘Hallelujah!’ grows cold, they won’t return. They won’t buy. You won’t get their money.”

That sense of urgency can’t compromise your brand voice. For example, a high-end retailer shouldn’t get in the practice of marking down their merchandise for the sake of urgency; that would cheapen the brand. Instead, they would focus on the fact that a trendy item is about to end production, or run out of stock.

2. Have Fun

In the tech industry, for example, there’s a massive trend toward casual, youthful vibrancy. Think Facebook or Google. The only time you’ll see Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page in a suit is at a black-tie dinner or fundraiser. Their companies rely on a youthful, hip image to engage younger users and attract top-talent. It has to be the fun, cool place to work while changing the world.

The statement made by your team’s fashion sense is important, but in advertising, few beat GoDaddy’s risqué advertising campaigns. Their advertisements are all about shock and awe, while communicating their brand voice; nerds can be cool and accessible. They have a heck of a lot of fun while turning heads with viral clips designed for maximum reach.

3. Influencer Marketing Is Key

Want to break through the noise and reach your audience? Recruit the people that your target audience is already paying attention to. Or, better yet, build your company around a star. For example, Jessica Alba is one of the most influential women in the world; conquering Hollywood and the Board Room. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter in 2008, Alba founded The Honest Company, dedicated to creating non-toxic baby products. The entire brand was built to leverage her star power and monetize her transition from starlet to a mother, and then business titan.

According to WiseToast.com, her ability to channel her star-power into a brand voice is working; With her net worth reaching $200 million, “…she is among the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.” Honestly, could you imagine a better way to communicate that you’re looking to create an honest, caring line of products for children? The company’s name has “Honest” in it. Seriously, a genius marketing strategy centered around Alba’s pregnancy and subsequent struggle to find safe, accessible baby products.

Creating a business is a challenge that will define someone’s life in one way or another. All of the hard work can be wasted if a competent, uniform brand voice isn’t communicated in print, radio and TV advertising. Collateral needs to continue the consistent user experience and build a tangible brand voice in the customer’s mind. As the brand becomes an everyday part of your customer’s life, that brand voice will continue to reinforce that the customer is taking part in a product or service that matches their self-image. Is your company communicating its brand voice effectively?

Post we liked from www.business.com | by Hicks Crawford

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