7 Marketing Tactics you need to be using in 2016

Now that the world has gone digital, it seems like the marketing landscape is changing daily. If you’re promoting your business, you probably have one or two marketing strategies you stick to year after year.

In 2016, however, we have more ways to access information than ever before. For businesses, this means that there are a variety of avenues you can use to reach your target market.

Sticking to a few trusty marketing techniques is no longer effective, it’s essential that you branch out.


These seven marketing tactics are used by businesses worldwide to reach millions of consumers every day. If you’re not employing all of these tactics, your business may be missing out on potential leads.

1. Earned Media

One of the primary goals of marketing is to get your message out in front of as many consumers as possible. Earned media marketing differs from traditional marketing in the sense that it’s unsolicited. Instead of paying a company to display your message, your company is simply doing something exciting and hoping that the media takes note.

For example, Dove created a commercial called “The Truth About Beauty.” This campaign actually spent very little time promoting the benefits of their products, instead choosing to share a body-positive message with the world. This message resonated with a lot of people and started a discussion on what “beauty” actually means. This commercial was featured on websites and editorials all over the world, earning Dove a huge amount of free publicity.

2. Cause Marketing

This is the opportunity for your company to pick a cause you support, and allow your clients to support that cause by purchasing your products. The most popular example of this is the TenTree clothing brand. Anytime you purchase an article of clothing from them, they plant ten trees somewhere in a deforested area. The result is that people don’t just buy the products because they look good, but because they feel good supporting the company.

3. SMS Marketing

Today, we are using are mobile phones more than ever before. In our connected world, SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to consumers. Generally, text messages are opened within minutes of being received, and the costs are significantly lower than telemarketing. Although it is possible to manage this yourself, get started with SMS marketing the right way by partnering up with a company that can automate the entire process for you.

4. Point of Purchase

This marketing tactic sells specifically to an already captive audience. The concept is to offer additional products or services to clients who are already preparing to make a purchase. Whether they’re in line to go through a till or looking at their online shopping cart, this is the perfect opportunity for you to present any additional offerings you have available for them.

5. SEO

To any business that is promoting themselves online, this is a no-brainer. In 2016, nearly 90 percent of Americans are using the internet to find the products or services that they want. When they type a query into Google, does your business show up? Do you know how to use the exact search terms these clients are using to your benefit? SEO can help you with all of this, and is becoming an industry standard. If you aren’t already taking advantage of SEO, you should factor it into your marketing budget as soon as possible.

6. Viral Marketing

Instead of paying to have your ad displayed, why not create something that promotes itself? Viral marketing is the process of creating information that people want to see. This information can be shared on social media sites, where users will send it off to their friends. There are endless examples of the possibilities of viral marketing. Red Bull sponsors extreme sporting events like hang gliding and motorcycle racing. Their videos are so shocking that they are viewed by millions of people all over the world, without Red Bull having to pay for advertising space.

7. Storytelling

People have a natural desire to relate with others. Storytelling involves showing people first-hand accounts from others who have used your products. Microsoft employed storytelling in a recent campaign for their Office suite. Instead of trying to lay out the features and benefits, they let somebody else to the talking. Their campaign involved an interview with a small business client.

He explained how he used their software to streamline his business. With storytelling, trust is built with the users as they are able to see a real world application of your product. Because the information is presented in an easy to digest manner, consumers are much more responsive to your marketing message.

A Changing Landscape

These are just a few examples of techniques business are employing to promote their businesses. While these strategies have proven themselves to be some of the most effective, this list is far from complete. We are now living in an age of innovation. If you take the time to think up new, creative ways to reach your consumer base, then perhaps your company could one day be a pioneer of a new marketing technique.

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