Effective Tactics for B2B Online Marketing

When backed by a strong strategy, B2B online marketing can offer tremendous value to a company. To be effective, it’s important to choose the best approach based on your specific goals. Without a well-informed decision, you risk wasting valuable resources, money and brand equity.

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the impact each approach can have on your bottom line compared to its expense. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective B2B online marketing strategies and how they can affect your business.


Inbound marketing

Most companies find exceptional value with this approach. This is most commonly used in content marketing. B2B Inbound marketing consists of:

  • Attracting quality leads through a variety of methods: blogging, SEO, social media and more.
  • Gathering information through the use of a form. Generally in exchange for a high-value downloadable offer. This can include e-books, coupons, guides, and more.
  • Nurturing leads using a combination of sales outreach and email marketing.
  • Closing leads, distinguishing the best source, optimizing strategies and increasing ROI.
  • You may not see an immediate return on investment here. In time, with a little patience, your ROI will be substantial. Inbound marketing can also increase brand equity and industry authority.

Marketing automation

You can see a huge boost in marketing and sales operations with this approach to B2B online marketing. The effects to your bottom line can vary with this approach. For some companies, the gains won’t appear immediately. For others, this method offers one of the quickest and highest ROI’s.

The benefit to this B2B online marketing approach is that the return grows over time. Paying for the implementation of this technology once will save on wasted resources indefinitely. With this strategy, 80 percent see increased leads while 77 percent see increased conversions.

Pay per click advertising

There are few other methods that offer such a wide variation in potential ROI. This is the most aggressive investments you can make in regards to your online presence. The upside to this is that you can gauge the effects almost immediately in most cases. This allows you to optimize your marketing strategy right away.

This method proves valuable when used in combination with other B2B online marketing strategies. It’s important to consider the average LifeTime Value of clients when budgeting for PPC advertising.

Web design and development

This is often overlooked in the bigger picture but is definitely worth consideration. A great website is essential. This is perhaps the most costly strategy, aside from PPC in highly competitive markets. You want to make sure your website is optimized for both search and mobile browsing.

Even the smallest of delays in navigation can significantly reduce conversion rates. This is a reflection of your company and can make a lasting impression with a customer.  Many customers will form an opinion about your company based on web design alone. You want it to be dynamically positive.

Online marketing is a great marketing tool for companies to increase leads and sales. Almost everything is measurable, giving you the opportunity to customize your strategies for optimal effectiveness.

Online marketing is a great tool for B2B companies to increase leads and sales. Almost everything is measurable, giving you the opportunity to customize your strategies for optimal effectiveness.

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