10 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

Getting people to your site can be frustrating. Are you following the right techniques? See how making some adjustments could help you out.

Your site is great. You spent hours planning it, perfecting its look and feel and coming up with awesome content you know people will love.

So where are the readers?

Getting traffic to your site is one of the most challenging aspects of any new business or blog. You may think you’re doing everything right, but you might be missing some crucial elements

Here’s a list of 10 common reasons websites don’t get the traffic they should.

Reason 1: Your content isn’t as good as you think.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you’re a bad writer. But over the years, Google has gotten really good at knowing what will drive traffic and what won’t. While SEO utilization is extremely important, it’s not always enough. Try using short sentences and a lot of action verbs.

Remember, clear and concise writing is key to online content. No need for a lot of fluff.

Reason 2: Your content is good, but it doesn’t stand out.

While it’s virtually impossible to create 100% original content these days, the way you deliver it can be fresh and unique. Search engines are picky about site rankings.

If your content is the same as everything else out there, it’ll get lost in the masses. Try finding a unique voice and stick to it throughout your entire site.

Reason 3: Your social media presence is lacking.

Good content and nicely designed pages aren’t enough to bring in an audience.

These days, you have to take advantage of social media, and you have to do it effectively. A couple of posts each month on your site’s Facebook page aren’t going to cut it. You need to interact with your audience as if you know them personally.

  • Post regularly
  • Ask questions
  • Reply to comments

Make your followers feel like you truly care about them.

Reason 4: You’re not taking full advantage of mobile browsing.

Face it – people don’t browse the internet solely from a PC anymore. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, you’re turning away tons of potential visitors. Nobody wants to browse a full-page site on a smartphone.

Pinching and dragging just to read a single paragraph isn’t inviting. Make sure your site’s responsiveness is set up for a variety of different devices, from the largest monitor, to the smallest smartphone.

Reason 5: You’re not utilizing guest posts.

Not only can you write on other people’s blogs (and link to your own), you can have other bloggers write on yours. This is a great way to familiarize readers from other sites with what you have to offer.

Here’s a caveat though: Make sure when guest blogging that you only post high-quality, non-spammy content. Google is cracking down on junky guest blog posts, and it could end up hurting you in the long run if done poorly.

Reason 6: You don’t post consistently.

You could write nothing but Pulitzer Prize-winning material, but if you’re not posting on a regular basis, your readers will lose interest.

If one month you have four posts, then the next you only have one, people aren’t going to take your site very seriously. Set deadlines for yourself and make sure you produce the same amount of content out each month around the same time – people love consistency.

Reason 7: You’re posting too much content.

Sounds weird, right? You’d think posting as much content as possible is doing readers a favor. You’re providing them with what they want and a lot of it.

Not always the case.

If you flood your site with so much content that posts are getting buried, it’s going to turn away readers. Quality over quantity – one or two posts a week is all it takes.

Reason 8: You’re not promoting your posts effectively.

Creating quality content is obviously the most important aspect of blogging, but if you’re not promoting what you write, how are people going to read it?

Promoting your content goes further than just social media. You’ll need to work with other sites to have them do some promoting for you. Don’t nag people … just work something out that benefits everyone.

If they send their readers to your site, you’ll do the same for them.

Reason 9: Email list … yours is severely lacking.

Getting subscribers isn’t easy. People are wary about giving out their email addresses these days thanks to spam and scammers. So, if nobody wants to give out their email, how do you get them to sign up on your site?

Make it worth their while. Offer some sort of freebie that only subscribers get access to like an eBook, exclusive content or a free online course.

Make them feel like signing up is benefiting them more than you.

Reason 10: You’re too focused on yourself and not your readers.

People love hearing about things that benefit them, not you. While the occasional personal story post is okay, don’t make your entire site about yourself. Create content that other people will get something from.

 Be helpful and your readers will keep coming back.


Everyone makes mistakes. Learning from them is what drives success. The best thing to do is to keep creating quality content and experiment with different ways to bring in new readers. Give people want they want and make yourself known.

Post we liked from www.business.com | by Parker Davis

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